Do I need a bear canister?

Anyone going camping in bear country – whether it’s glamping, family camping, or backcountry camping – always needs to ask themselves, “Do I need a bear canister?” The answer is simple. “Yes, yes you need a bear canister!”

Renting a bear canister and carrying case for camping

Protect yourself and bears by renting a bear canister.

Is a bear really going to show up at camp?

Only a few lucky campers actually get to see a bear on their wilderness adventures, but just because you don’t see the bear doesn’t mean it isn’t there. If you have delicious smelling food wafting through the forest, sometimes the temptation is just too great for the otherwise shy and reclusive bears. It’s like walking through the food court at the mall. You know you don’t need that fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie, but the sweet, sweet aromas just pull you straight to the cookie stand. Without a bear canister to block the scent of your food, your campground becomes an irresistible cookie stand for bears. Before you know it, you wake up the sounds of a 300 lb. Black Bear sniffing around your campsite. Bet you wish you had a bear canister now, eh?

Aren’t bears more afraid of me than I am of them?

No, you’re thinking of spiders – and, depending on who you ask, the jury is still out on that one.

It’s true that bears are generally not going to be interested in interacting with you. They are not very hospitable hosts, and that’s probably for the best. With the number of outdoors geeks visiting bear country each year, there is an increasing risk that bears have started to become too used to people. Normalizing human/bear encounters is dangerous, not only for us but for the bear. A bear that has gotten desensitized to human contact will be more likely to risk a visit to your camp. Once a bear is unafraid of human contact, that bear must be destroyed.

Transporting your bear canister

The bear canister carrying case makes it easy to transport your canister for backcountry camping.

Should you encounter a bear in the wild, keep your distance. Not only is the bear easily startled, which will result in aggression, but keeping your distance ensures that bears don’t get too used to human contact. Keep your distance, and keep wildlife wild.

But bear canisters are really hard to carry when you’re hiking in the backcountry!

Not if you rent an inexpensive bear canister carrying case to go with your bear canister. This nifty little feature weighs mere ounces and will make carrying your bear canister a cinch!

Bear canister and carrying case rentals

Many national parks have made bear canisters mandatory. Stop by our outdoors retail shop and rent a bear canister, plus a bear canister carrying case.