Tents, backpacks, and bear canisters (oh, my!)

Bear canister and camping gear in Denver

Cartoon bears may give kids a false impression. Be sure to teach them about bear safety when camping in bear country.

If kids pantomime theater and cartoons have taught us anything, it’s that bears are hilarious, and they sometimes wear hats. However, if you’ve ever come across a bear while camping in bear country, you know that they don’t have much of a sense of humor, and they never dress up for the occasion. Colorado is black bear country. When you camp in Colorado, you are inviting yourself into their home, so be respectful, be vigilant, and be smart.

Bear canisters for bear country camping

When you are camping with your family, by yourself, or with friends, safety is always a concern. We carry navigational equipment, water, first-aid kits, and equipment to keep us safe as we explore the great outdoors. Educating yourself on how to react if confronted by a bear is a smart move, but an even better move is to find a way to prevent the confrontation altogether. The Backpackers Cache Bear Canister has been expert tested (by bears) and are very effective in reducing odor transmission of the food you store inside.

Bear canisters not only protect campers, but they protect the bears themselves. When the smell of delicious camp food become too overwhelming and tempting for a hungry bear, they go against their natural wariness of people in search of something delicious. One successful raid of a campsite can encourage the bear to come back for more. If a bear gets too comfortable around campers, they become too much of a danger and have to be destroyed by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Black bear lives matter

Bear canister for Colorado camping

Rent, buy or try the Backpackers Cache Bear Canister and Carrying Case.

When a bear is destroyed because it was becoming a danger to campers, we all lose. Black bears have lived in the Colorado wilderness for longer than we’ve been camping. They are part of what makes Colorado so special, and it is up to all of us to help protect them from themselves.

Fun bear fact: Black is a species of bear, not a color. Black bears can be blue-gray or blue-black, brown, cinnamon, and yes, sometimes, albeit rarely, they can be white (or blonde).

Hiking with a bear canister

Hiking from camp to camp can be tricky with a bear canister. It’s a slippery little (not so little) sucker. Fortunately, Backpackers Cache has also made a nylon Bear Canister Carrying Case that you can rent or buy before you head out.

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