When you’ve got a champagne taste on a beer budget, DIY glamping will give you all the glamour you deserve, without breaking the bank. DIY glamping allows you to set up five-star accommodations on a budget. Customize a DIY glamping package and treat yourself, your friends, and your guests to an unforgettable event or celebration.

Customize your Glamping Trip

DIY glamping packages

Decorate your safari tent with luxury comfort features.

The ultimate luxury is customized service. Whether you’re glamping with friends and family, planning a wedding or corporate retreat, glamping opens up a lot of outdoor possibilities. Setting up your own glampsite means that you can choose your dream location, and then build customized accommodations for your guests.

DIY Glamping is Cost-Effective

Not only will DIY glamping give you complete control of your gear and accessories, but it will also be easier on your budget. If you’re planning a larger glamping party, like a wedding or corporate event, every penny counts. Setting up your own glamping site will save you the money on hiring a crew. If you are keeping your events small and intimate, there’s no reason you can’t save a buck or two and pitch your own glamping tents.

Glamping Essentials

The first thing you need is to choose the right glamping tent for the occasion.

  • Safari tents are big, luxurious, and can be decorated with glamorous comfort features for a five-star glamping trip.
  • Dome tents are a classic choice for glamorous family camping trips or a big group of friends.
  • Bell tents are perfect for birthdays and celebrations. The shape of the bell tent will make your glamping site look festive and fun.

    DIY glamping

    Bell tents are great for birthdays and celebrations.

Glamping Comfort Features

Once you have the tent you need, all the comfort features will take your trip from camping to glamping. Some of our DIY glamping packages come with sleeping arrangements, like comfy cots, pillows, blankets, pads, and sleeping bags. However, we have a large inventory of accessories and comfort features. You can decorate your glamping tent to suit all your wants and needs. Don’t forget to rent glamping accessories that will enhance the ambiance and heighten your level of comfort.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Glamping is great for weddings, small groups, and events that can’t always afford the cost of having a crew come in and set up a glamping village. Outdoors Geek makes it possible to set up a dream glamping scenario with our Do It Yourself (DIY) Glamping packages and additional accessories.