Make Your Next Camping Trip More Enjoyable

If you have never gone camping with kids, don’t panic! We want to share with you numerous camping tips and tricks might make your first weekend sleeping under the stars pleasant, but there is no secret. Here are some camping ideas from the experts at Outdoors Geek.


Teach your kids camp courtesy and safety to avoid inconveniences. For example, ”You don’t run through people’s campsites, you go around them”. Or to be quiet early in the morning, because not everyone wakes with the birds.

Also, teach them to follow the “leave no trace” principles by leaving what they find, respecting wildlife and disposing of trash properly.

Hiking with Kids of Any Age

  • hiking with kidsKeep them dry and warm as your little ones just are not as resilient as adults.
  • Keep them fed and hydrated. So, plan frequent energy stops to keep them happy and motivated by taking numerous small breaks for fluid and food.
  • Make them stay cool all the time; you can have a spray bottle handy for cooling help when it’s hot out.

Shield Your Space Against Insects & Animals

  • Keep these intruders away by spraying them with hairspray.
  • Use an insect coil to keep insects away.
  • To stop animals from reaching your trash, spray your garbage with ammonia and keep contained within a compact collapsible trash can.

Lastly, pack suitable activities for inside the tent in case the weather deteriorates. Books, coloring activities,  cards, and even table games are good stand-by items. These activities will entertain the little ones while strengthening family bonds.Tips for camping with family

When it comes to camping with family, there is really no recipe. But, the above camping tips will make your life in the wilderness easier.

Now that you know some basic things when camping with your family, it is time to rent the best tent, camping accessories, gear and everything you need from the best. At Outdoors Geek we only carry top brands like North Face, Gregory, Marmot, Big Agnes, MSR and more. Call us on (303) 699-6944 to speak to an expert about your next camping experience.