Camping with Kids

From talking to thousands of parents, one of the more intimidating things can be camping with kids. Fear not,  we are here to help!

Outdoors Geek makes it easy to pull  together all the moving parts to have a fun and safe family camping trip. We rent all the family camping equipment that you need. We’ve got tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags. We have cookware, camping furniture, coolers, chairs, and all the other camping accessories you could possibly need. We can either ship it directly to your doorstep. Or, ship to a first night hotel, a close by UPS Store, or you can swing by and pick it up if you are in or coming through the Denver, CO area.

You will notice below in our advice that setting up a great trip is the key. To make a trip camping with kids successful, take a little time up front. Let the younger ones hep you plan this great adventure. You will find that it will take stress out of your life because the kids are excited about the adventure and understand that planning is important.


Here is a sampling of advice from the Geek:


  • Involve the whole family in the planning process
  • Talk about nature and wildlife before the trip; reinforce the outdoor experience
  • Bring the kids favorite toys or activities
  • Involve your children with set-up and break down (a 2 to 4 year old may be able to hold the stakes as you go around the tent to put them in, a 12 year old may be responsible for a large part of the tent set up)
  • Upon arrival, take a short hike around the campsite, make sure everyone understands basic landmarks and look for any possible hazards or dangers like a steep drop off, or a crowded area that may be hard to navigate back to for a young one
  • Explain camp rules including how far, if any, they can travel from your main camp area
  • Assign simple chores like getting water, etc
  • You will want a tent big enough to play in or comfortably hand out in if the weather doesn’t cooperate
  • Have a full plan of activities, better to have too much to do and back off a little than not  have a plan
  • The trip doesn’t have to be perfect (make that your meditating mantra!)
  • Don’t forget the S’mores!