Camp Cooking for Camping and Backpacking


Everyone is going to prefer a little different menu while camping or backpacking. The one thing most can agree on is that eating is one of the best parts of being in the mountains. Here is what we like to do when we are camping and backpacking because camp cooking really can be one of the best parts of being outdoors.



Camping – Depending on the plans for the rest of the day,  a quick breakfast of oatmeal might be just the ticket. If you are planning a little more leisurely morning, nothing beats a traditional breakfast with eggs, potatoes, and bacon cooked over the campfire.

Backpacking – A simple and light breakfast is our favorite way to go and instant oatmeal, fruit mixed with granola, or even just a couple of breakfast bars and coffee will work.  We usually put freeze dried eggs, like the Mountain House Skillet Scramble on the menu for one morning. This is a surprisingly tasty meal. And for goodness sakes  don’t forget the coffee. My favorite is the Nature’s Coffee Kettle Columbian Coffee. It’s  actually good coffee.



Camping – Sandwiches are kind of a universal lunch. They are easy with no cooking needed and can be prepared in the morning if your going hiking or out on other activities.

Backpacking – Lunch is the hardest backpacking meal to keep simple on multi-day trips. For the first day lunch, I usually pack a sandwich or pick one up at a local sandwich shop. Day two is often a Bridgford Shelf Stable Sandwich with a protein or energy bar. Day three I often eat trail mix and a bar, and so on. I try to never have to get my stove out and cook for lunch since it takes time I don’t want to spend in the middle of the day.



Camping – A great way to go is to bring a pre-made meals from home and reheat on the campfire. Chili or soup is super easy. So is spaghetti and meatballs. That is the beauty of camping, you can bring whatever food you want and weight is not an issue.

Backpacking Freeze dried meals are the way to go in most circumstances. And in the last few years menus have expanded to include Paleo meals, Vegetarian meals, and even Gluten free meals. You get the calories and protein you need with a super lightweight package.