As we begin to give thanks for Thanksgiving, think about what types of gifts would be the best “thank you” to an outdoors geek in your family or circle of friends. Any outdoors geek loves their gear and their tents. Outdoors Geek has the best tents and equipment on the market, perfect for any weather, any terrain, and every outdoors person.

All an outdoors geek wants for Christmas is a tent

There are an overwhelming amount of tents on the market, but we are only interested in the best, so when you stop by our outdoor shop in Denver, we’ve already narrowed our tent selection down to the best of the best. We measure the value of our products by overall quality, comfort, weight, and price.

The best camping tents on the market

We’ve narrowed our tent selection to the best of the best!

The brands where we feel you get the most bang for your buck are Big Agnes, Marmot, The North Face, and Seedhouse.

Happy holidays! Here’s a Hennessy Hammock

We’ve also got the Hennessey ultimate backpack hammock for the true rough and tumble outdoors person. This hammock weighs in at about 1.5 lbs and allows you to hike until two minutes before sundown. Of course, when you’re trying out the Hennessy hammock for the first time, give yourself a few extra minutes until you get into the groove of hanging the hammock securely for a comfortable night’s sleep in the wild.

This outdoors gem of a gift will give an outdoors geek the freedom to pack up and hit their favorite trails in a moments notice without being weighed down by heavy backpacking and camping gear.

Deck your tent with comfortable bedding

Buy camping gear for the holidays

Check out our selection of quality sleeping pads, bags, and cots.

Just because you enjoy the great outdoors doesn’t mean you don’t want to sleep in comfort once you set up camp. Whether you’re sleeping under the open sky or inside the comfort of a quality tent, every geek will appreciate a high-quality sleeping bag, sleeping pad, or cot to rest up for another day of fresh air and adventure.

Gregory packpacks near Denver

Gregory Jade 30 Jetstream DTS for women comes in sapphire blue, Tuolumne green, and lavender.

Backpacks for everyone

Every camper is different, and so is every backpack. We’ve got backpacks for men, women, and children. We’ve got quality packs for day hikes, trail hikes, and outdoor expeditions. If you’re not sure what type of geek you’re dealing with, talk to us and we’ll help you find the best backpack for the type of outdoors person for which you are shopping.

Denver outdoor shop for camping gifts

It takes a geek to know a geek, so stop by and get the low-down on the best camping gifts to give your favorite geek.

Make this a happy holiday for all the outdoors people and adventurers in your life. If you have questions about any tent you see on our site, contact a geek today! or call us at (303)699-6944
4431 Glencoe Street, Denver, CO 80216

Happy Thanksgiving 2016