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Here at Outdoors Geek we not only get you geared you up with everything you need for your camping or backpacking trip. We can also help you in planning your trip and giving you great advice as we have plenty experience. This is our field!

And that is why Outdoors Geek offers you, in our website, useful information for first time campers or even for the experienced ones that might need an update on gear, as well. Check out our Camping Information and Checklists page to learn about camping areas, what to do in case of rain and also a checklist of the things you should take in your next camping trip.

We share here some items from the “basics” our experts recommend for base camp or car camping:

  • Lighting – We carry head lamps that will turn your night into day. If you have not used head lamps in the 150625_528208967211720_178584567_npast, give them a try. It’s nice to be hands free with a light that goes where your eyes go when you’re out in the wilderness.
  • 7 Gallon water container – These can be really handy if you are more than 100 feet from a water source.
  • Several other portable water containers – Consider some 2 liter water bladders if you plan on hiking and the 96 oz canteen is really handy and multi-purpose.
  • Camp Food – Bring it from home or buy from us. You may want to buy just a few meals from us and give them a try. Dehydrated food is very good now-a-days and our breakfast items are quick and easy.
  • Bear Canister – if you are like most people your thinking you will just put your food in the car and it will be safe. Don’t count on it. Bears have torn apart plenty of cars to get to tasty smelling food. No need to panic, just get a canister or two and be safe.
  • Saw or hatchet – If I have to choose, it is saw all the way. A saw goes a long way when it comes to working with logs for the fire. And, you can’t chop a hole in your foot with a saw.

At Outdoors Geek we have all you need for your camping experience

At Outdoors Geek we have a wide range of outdoor equipment, including gear for: backpacking, camping, hiking, group trips, guiding, canoeing, car camping, fly fishing in high mountain lakes, hunting trips, climbing 14ers and more. For more than 20 years we have been testing everything from packs to tents and stoves, and hundreds of other products.

We are the only place on the planet where you can Rent it, Try it, or Buy it. You can count on Outdoors Geek for top notch gear and all the help you need to make your outdoors adventure happen.

We’ve got the good stuff right here at Outdoors Geek. And we’re not just talking about Colorado for renting or buying Camping Gear, we will ship anywhere!