camping with kids and pets

For many people around the world, dogs are part of their family. If you are like me, then your dog is your perfect travel companion, but before you take your dog camping with you, there’s certain planning you need to follow to make sure that you and your best friend are going to have a great camping adventure.

If your camping destination is going to be far away and your dog is going to be in the vehicle many hours, it is important to bring some toys, snacks and anything else that might help keeping your dog entertained. Also, keep in mind that dogs can get hurt too, so make sure to include canine products to your first aid kit.camping with dogs

But not only a first aid kit is important, make sure that you study the surroundings of your camping destination when you arrive. Dogs can face several dangers in the wild, such as getting in a fight with other animals or eating a weird plant. If your dog is curious and likes to explore the surroundings, make sure to take a leash with you and control your dog, so it won’t bother your camping neighbors. Finally, make sure to keep your food away from your dog, the last thing you want to find out is that your dog ate your food and you are far away from any convenience store.

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