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When it comes time for washing at the campsite It’s important to consider the footprint you’ll leave behind with the soap you choose. Many of today’s commercially produced soaps and detergents have fragrances, water conditioners and surfactants. All of which leave a heavy effect on the plants and wildlife surrounding your campsite.

Did you know that even bio-degradable soaps are not all safe for our environment?

Outdoors Geek glamping package for twoYes, even those specifically marketed camping soaps may not be all that they claim, bio degradable.  Although some brands may claim to be safe, they still use phosphates in their compound and phosphates leech into the local water supply. All soaps, unfortunately even biodegradable ones, can contaminate fresh water sources. So what should you use?
It’s really only a myth that we must use soap to disinfect our dishes. Hot water will do the job for the most part. For extremely stuck on messes and grease that just won’t cut, try a handful of pebbles mixed with sand from the nearest water source.

Sound a little too natural for you? Then pack that trusty box of baking soda.

The All Natural, All Purpose Cleanser

If you simply must use a soap, the safest choice is a completely natural soap made from a base of either vegetable or animal fat. A store bought liquid Castille Soap with a few drops of a bacteria fighting essential oil like tea tree added will do the trick.

Geek Tips on how to care for our campsites
and care for our earth

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