Every boy scout and outdoors geek understands the importance of always being prepared. For backcountry exploration, there is nothing more important than having emergency communication devices. Should you ever find yourself in an emergency, you want to have the right technology to be able to call for help.

Emergency Communication Devices

Emergency Communication Devices

inReach emergency communication device by Garmin.

SPOT is gearing up to make a big, game-changing products announcement. But, until then we’ve got the SPOT Satellite GPS, and SOS Garmin inReach emergency communication devices to keep you safe on every adventure.

Garmin inReach Satellite Technology

The inReach satellite technology from Garmin allows you to have a real-time, two-way conversation. This is like you and your best friend each having a walkie-talkie and talking through the night. Except, in this case, one of you are braving the Colorado backcountry, and the other is tracking your journey via MapShare.

Global Monitoring System

But, there may be a time when you need to trigger a distress call or receive important information. InReach satellite technology has 100% global coverage. No matter where you are, you will be able to maintain a 2-way text conversation with GEOS – a professional 24/7 global monitoring center. You can report an emergency and receive updates about help being on the way. And, the GEOS team will stay in constant communication with you until your emergency is resolved.

SPOT Satellite Messenger

Rent emergency communication devices

When you have the SPOT, help is never far away.

The SPOT satellite messenger is also a reliable emergency communication device. It’s lightweight and bright orange to make it easy to carry and locate in an emergency. When your trip is all happy trails and sunshine, you can use SPOT to keep you on track, as well as, share your journey with friends and family.

Emergency Notification Technology

The SPOT allows you to communicate from remote locations around the globe. SPOT has given peace of mind to outdoor geeks around the globe. If you’re heading out alone, SPOT devices mean that someone is always in reach, in case of an emergency.

Rent Emergency Communication Devices

Emergency communication devices are a necessity when you are exploring the backcountry or heading out by yourself. Rent emergency communications devices from Outdoors Geek and avoid having to buy expensive equipment and a communication plan that you only use once a year. Stay safe, and rent an emergency communication device before you head out on your next adventure.