photo by:Lian Law/

photo by:Lian Law/

Winter is a great time to enjoy fun outdoor activities and extreme sports. However, you need to have a taste for cold weathers. Nonetheless, if you prefer warmer conditions, winter also offers a great opportunity to enjoy extremely hot environments such as deserts in a comfortable way.

Deserts are incredible environments; from the distance they appeare slow, inhospitable, almost dead. However, from a closer look, it is an amazing source of hidden life, full of beauty and vitality. If you wish to witness the secret life of this gorgeous environment, now is the perfect time and the Joshua Tree National Park is the best place to do it.

A Paradise In The Desert

Joshua Tree National Park is a land shaped by strong winds, sudden torrents of rain, and climatic extremes. It is formed by an immense and variable ecosystem that extends for nearly 800,000 acres. Even though it seems brutal and unwelcoming during the summer heat, it is actually a delicate and extremely fragile environment. Rainfall is sparse and unpredictable. Streambeds are usually dry and waterholes are few.


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It is important to take your time as you travel through Joshua Tree National Park. The desert provides space for self-discovery, and can be a refuge for the human spirit, especially when the sun begins to drop. It is a great opportunity to regain your peace of mind and get rid of all that toxic emotions from your soul.

Once you are relaxed and comfortable, you will realize the amazing animal sighting there is. At the edges of daylight and under clear night skies lives a number of generally unfamiliar desert animals. Waiting out daytime heat, these creatures run, hop, crawl, and burrow in the slow rhythm of desert life. Under bright sun and blue sky, bighorn sheep and golden eagles add an air of unconcerned majesty to this land.

Full Moon Hikes

The park offers a great opportunity to discover its nocturnal beauty with free night hikes. The activities are performed on the weekend before each full moon. Hikes last 90 minutes and cover a distance of about 1 mile (1.6 km). Reservation is required, so here is a short list of the next hike dates: 02/22/2016, 03/23/2016, 04/22/2016, 05/21/2016

What To Bring

To make the most of your desert adventure it is important to carry with you the proper equipment and avoid over carrying too much weight. Here is a list of the essential gear.

  • Closed-toe shoes are required.
  • Bring water and a light jacket in case the evening is cool.
  • While photography is encouraged, no flash photography is allowed.
  • Bring a flashlight or headlamp for an emergency, but their use during the program is not allowed.
  • Children are welcome, but must be closely supervised.
  • For safety reasons, the group must remain together for the duration of the night hike.