International Backpacking Checklist


There are many factors to determine what you bring on an international backpacking trip. We are not going to try to cover them all, but here are some helpful ideas, some obvious, some not as much. One factor to remember is that whatever you do decide to pack on your international backpacking trip, you will carry on your back for the entire trip. Because of the weight factor, be smart in what you bring. Clothing will be dependent on season, but must be carefully thought out and minimized where possible.




  • Swimwear
  • Jacket
  • Shell Jacket (for rain and wind)
  • Sun Glasses
  • Travel Backpack (most of our customers select the Gregory Z65 or Jade 60)
  • Quick drying travel towel
  • Key chain flashlight
  • Ear plugs and face mask
  • Small notebook
  • Travel sleep sheet (think sleeping bag liner for sleeping in a hostel)
  • Water bottle
  • Padlock
  • Multi-tool
  • Travel alarm clock (now  usually replaced by your cell phone)
  • Photocopies of important documents
  • Money belt
  • Toothbrush with cover
  • Travel power strip
  • Digital Camera (now often replaced by mobile phone)
  • Mobile phone
  • Outlet  plug adapter
  • Hanging toiletry bag
  • Personal hygiene stuff
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Small first aid kit


Final Notes

We listed the Gregory Z65 pack and Jade 60 pack for international backpacking because it is a light weight pack with a waist belt that is flexible. A flexible waist belt makes train and airline travel much easier. You also want to check with your mobile phone carrier regarding data and SIM cards.