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Free bear canister for camping in Colorado and beyond.

Avoiding human-bear conflicts

The first rule of camping is, “don’t feed the animals.” The second rule of camping is, “DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS!” Don’t feed any of them. Don’t feed the birds, the squirrels, and do not, under any circumstances, feed the bears. To avoid accidentally feeding the animals, Outdoors Geek is giving away bear canisters September 9-11, to store food so the animals can’t help themselves after you go to bed.

Awareness is your best defense against bears

It’s called bear country for a reason. There are bears. There are also cougars and snakes. Then, of course, you have the less dangerous wildlife like bison, moose, and deer. To check out the good guys, you need to be aware of the bad guys and know how to avoid an up close and personal encounter.

Free bear canister from Outdoors Geek in Colorado

Be aware of the bear and make the bear aware of you to avoid conflict.

While you are at the campground, make sure all of your food is properly stored in a bear canister. Seeing a bear is pretty cool, but you want it off in the distance, using your binoculars or telephoto lens to capture the sight. You don’t want to wake up to the sounds of a bear digging through your food in the middle of the night as you clamor to your tentmate like it was the Blair Witch Project.

Let your presence be known

Now that you are aware that bears are out there and you’ve secured your food at camp, it’s time to take precaution as you hike out in the wild. Make sure that the bears and the other wildlife are also aware of you. The most common causes of attacks while hiking is not making enough noise and surprising the animal.

Making your presence known may also alert some of the friendlier creatures and scare them off, but it’s better to miss out on a few deer than to face off with a bear.

Tents and bear canisters

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Free bear canisters for camping and hiking in Colorado’s bear country.