Rent a camping tent

Seedhouse 3 person tent w/ rainfly for camping.

There are so many different tents on the market we thought it was time to do a quick gear review to help you find the perfect tent for every outdoor occasion. When you’re choosing a tent you have to consider where you’re going, how you are traveling, how much the tent weighs, how many people it sleeps, can it handle the weather, etc.

One tent may be great for backpacking but isn’t going to win you any points the next time you go glamping. Similarly, lugging a canvas glamping tent up the mountain is going to seriously slow you down on a backpacking trip. Instead of turning your kids’ college fund into a camping fund to get one of each tent, rent the tent you need.

Renting gives you the freedom to choose what type of adventure you want to have, rather than letting your tent dictate where and how you camp.

Quick gear review

“Camping tents, backpacking tents, glamping tents, and hunting tents. We have something for all of your outdoor adventures!’

Glamping tents

Canvas bell tents for glamping.

There’s one thing every outdoor adventure have in common: you need to pack right gear. No gear is more important than the tent, and it’s not just about comfort while you sleep. You also have to consider how you are going to transport the tent. How you travel will determine how you pack. So, let’s do a quick review of what you should look for in a tent before you head out.

Camping Tents

For traditional camping – you know, the type of camping where you sleep on a pad in a sleeping bag – we’ve got brand name tents from The North Face, Marmot, MSR, and Big Agnes, just to name a few. Our tents can sleep from two to eight people, but for the sake of extra comfort, we always recommend that you get a tent that sleeps a few more people than are present.

Backpacking tents

Marmot Tungsten Ultra Light tent is perfect for backpacking trips.

Glamping Tents

Our glamping tents are huge, like a hotel room in the open air. Accessorize any way you want, and since you’ll be staying put in one campground, go ahead and over pack. Indulge yourself, that’s what glamping is all about.

Backpacking Tents

Of course, on the opposite spectrum of glamping is packing or a backpacking trip. When you are backpacking, the weight of your gear is going to play a big factor in how you pack. This is when you want to rent out ultra-lightweight and high-tech tents. They’re easy to carry, easy to pitch, and will keep you warm and safe in all weather in all terrain.

Hunting Tents

Hunting tent

Canvas tent for hunting. Big enough to fit a wood burning stove.

Our canvas hunting tents are top of the line canvas tents from Davis Tent & Awning in Denver. They’re also big enough for an entire hunting party. Just to be safe, our hunting tents can be made bigger still by zipping two tents together. These hunting tents are great for all weather hunting. And, they can fit a wood stove to keep you extra warm in the winter.

Rent a Tent in Denver

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