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Sawyer water systemCamping in the wild is a fun thing to do, but there are certain camping items you should always carry with you in order to avoid having a bad time while camping. Today we will write about some basic camping items that you can’t forget or leave behind when camping in the outdoors:


The human body needs water to survive and if you are not well hydrated you will start feeling bad, and in extreme cases you could even die. Make sure to bring with you water containers and drink water regularly when camping.

PocketRocket stoveStove/Grill

Besides water, the human body needs food. Having something practical for cooking like a stove or a grill, is very important when camping to cook your meals.


A multi-tool is a very practical item to have when you are camping. Make sure that you take it with you on your next camping adventure.

Sleeping BagThe_North_Face_Aleutian_554x1322

Sleeping bags have many functions, like protecting you from the cold nights and provide you with comfort while sleeping in the outdoors, but make sure it is a high quality sleeping bag.


Headlamps are very useful for providing light in the dark and the best part is, that you don’t have to hold them with your hands, so you have more freedom and ability to do do anything.

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