Spring turkey hunting limited license applications are open until February

information on Turkey hunting season in ColoradoDon’t waste any time. Sharpen your aiming skills. Grab your gear and get ready for some hunting action.

You may not believe that a turkey won’t give you any challenge at all. Yet, each year more and more hunters are finding the challenges provided by the long beard turkeys to be one of their most exciting hunts. It’s no wonder why turkey hunting in the U.S. is growing in popularity.

Colorado offers exceptional hunting opportunities for two sub-species of these remarkable birds:

The native Merriam’s wild turkeys of the mountains and the Rio Grande wild turkeys of the Plains.

Getting A Turkey Hunting License

Hunters can apply for spring limited turkey licenses online or by mail. The application deadline is February 11 and the season begins in April. If you already sent your application, but you realized there is a mistake, don’t worry! You can submit an application correction request online. The turkey application correction deadline is February 17, 2016, 11:59 pm, MDT.

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For 2016, there will be 3 turkey hunting seasons.

Hunt dates vary by license type and hunt location. Some licenses are valid only on certain dates. Therefore, it is your responsibility to know the correct dates for your hunt.

Spring: April 9 – May 22

Fall: September 1 – October 28

Late Season: December 15 – January 15

Turkey Hunting License Fees

Turkey hunting fees are moderately priced. For individuals aged 18 through 64, a $10 Habitat Stamp is required with the first license purchase for the year (April 1 -March 31.) If you are disabled, you may not need a Habitat Stamp. Fees include a .25 cent search & rescue fee, and a .75 cent Wildlife Council charge.

Getting Ready and Buying or Renting Gear for Your Hunting Trip

camping gear rentals for your hunting tripsIt is important for hunters to do their homework. Study the habits and the habitat the turkeys use in the spring.

Next, pick your hunting area and scout it before the season begins. Hike the area until you become very familiar with it. You will be walking that same terrain in the dark on opening morning and you need to know all you can about the boundaries, trails, and hazards in the area.

If you plan to camp during your hunting trip, find a good location and take with you a good hunting tent. Take a look at the amount of gear you intend to carry in the field. A vest or backpack is a handy item that will reduce the amount of things you have to carry in your hands to your hunting location. There are multiple options for backpacks and hunting tents on the market. Take your time and look for the one that suits your needs best. If you want to try out your gear BEFORE you buy it, that’s what we do best! Check out our rent it, try it, buy it program at Outdoors Geek. 

Finally, always check your gun and make sure you know exactly how it will perform at various distances to a target and only take the shot that will ensure a safe harvest. Knowing where and how your gun shoots, plus being well prepared can make all the difference in the success or failure of your adventure.