Glamorous camping, or glamping, has spread to just about every continent on Earth. When you live in Colorado, it’s hard to believe there are more beautiful places to go glamping, but in the spirit of adventure, we’re looking beyond the homey confines of Colorado. This week, we’re taking our glamping gear and heading to Africa, one of the world’s newest destinations for glamorous camping opportunities.

Glamorous camping destinations

The newest glamorous camping destinations are taking us to Africa.

Glamping is more than a trend; it’s a lifestyle

Colorado has a pretty rich and colorful history. When you explore the local rivers, lakes, canyons, mountains, and forests, you not only get a sense of the past but also a sense of how far we’ve come. Not just as a civilization, but as campers and explorers. Roughin’ it may work for some campers, but it is no longer a requirement. Campers are embracing luxuries and amenities, making glamping more than just a trend, but a camping lifestyle. In fact, glamping sites have popped up all over the world, allowing you to camp in style on every continent.

Glamping in Africa

The world’s leading authority on everything glamping is featuring Africa as a glamorous camping destination. African countries represent many aspects of different cultures from around the world. Every glamorous camping destination will give you a chance to live in the middle of awe-inspiring nature and take in everything the place has to offer.

Intercontinental glamping accommodations

Glamping in the US

The Outdoors Geeks can set up a glamping site for you anywhere in the US.

Glamping has evolved way beyond the classic glamping canvas tent. Glamorous camping accommodations around the world can be tents, lodges, villas, tree houses, tiny trailers, yurts, pods, and more. From the pyramids to the Serengeti, glamping allows you to enjoy everything you love about camping, but with three major exceptions. One, you don’t have to set up your own camp, two, you get to sleep in a comfortable bed, and three, you get to take a shower!

Glamour camping rentals

If you’re not quite ready to fly to Africa for a Glamping Safari, we can help you get the full glamping experience right here in the US. Outdoors Geek is best known in the event industry for excellent quality glamor camping tents and top-notch crews. Our crew can make your next camping trip glamorous. All you have to do is show up and have a glamorous time in the great outdoors.

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