When it comes to fashion, Coco Chanel famously said that before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off. When it comes to glamping, the opposite is true. As far as we’re concerned, you can never have enough glamorous camping accessories. After all, without the accessories, you’d just be camping, not glamping. So, before you leave the house, are you sure you don’t want to add a few more glamping accessories to your glamping package?Glamorous camping accessories for rent

Glamorous camping accessories

Glamping is taking the beauty of natural surroundings and the health benefits of breathing fresh air and hearing sounds of nature and combining it with modern conveniences. Don’t be afraid to spoil yourself with all the latest accessories. Camping should be fun, so if you need to bring portable chargers so you can hook up an entertainment system or play on your iPad, then do it! If you want to sleep in a queen size bed, do it! If you want to add lighting and furniture to make your camp as glamorous as possible, then don’t let us hold you back. In fact, if you have Outdoors Geek set up your glamping site for you, you don’t even have to schlep all of the gear yourself. All you have to do is show up and your Safari tent will be set up and equipped with all the glamping accessories.

Glamping beds

Glamping accessories

Lucy Inflatable Solar Light

One of the major concerns we get from campers are the sleeping arrangements. We have two types of beds for our glampers. We have a 22” high twin and raised queen glamor air bed, but don’t be fooled. This airbed is engineered with Durabeam Technology to make sure you get an incredibly comfortable night’s sleep. We’ve used these beds with great success across the United States for our glampers. Don’t worry – it comes with a built-in pump, so you won’t spend the first day trying to blow up your air mattress.

Glamping lighting

Every glampsite needs great lighting – you know, for selfies, and finding your way to the bathroom at night. We’ve got a couple of headlamps, but we also have super cute Luci Inflatable Solar Lights. Luci lights are weather-resistant, eco-friendly, inflatable, and ideal for lighting the path on a hike or creating a little ambiance at the camp.

Glamping cookware

Great food should be part of every glamping adventure. We’ve got every single piece of cookware for rent from the mugs to stoves to pots and pans. We’ve got coolers and boilers, and everything you need to chop, slice, peel, and mash.

Rent glamorous camping accessories

Texsport 2 Burner Stove

Glamping socks

Glamping is about being glamorous while camping. Something about putting on a fresh pair of Dahlgren Socks is the most glamorous feeling of all. Besides being soft and luxurious, they are perfect for hiking and backpacking. We always recommend you pack an extra pair of socks, whether you’re glamping or not.

Glamping Accessories

We have an extensive inventory of new and used glamorous camping accessories. If you want to go glamping, talk to Outdoors Geek about outfitting your tent, and have an unforgettable glamping experience. You can rent glamping accessories, or you can buy glamping accessories. It all just depends on how serious you are about glamping. Whatever you choose, we’re here to make the whole adventure as seamless as possible.