When you want to lower the cost of your glamping adventure, Outdoors Geek gives you the option for Do It Yourself (DIY) Glamping. You still get all the benefits and comfort of glamping, the only difference is, instead of paying beaucoup bucks to have your glamping suite set up and waiting for you upon arrival, you rent a glamping package and DIY!

Create your own glamping style

Glamping tents for rent

The Bell is our biggest and most luxurious glamping tent.

We all know that we ask three things when we check into a luxury hotel: how big is the room, how comfortable is the bed, and how great is the view? When you are glamping, the same three principles apply. Picking the best view begins with finding the right glamping spot. When nature surrounds you, almost everywhere you look, the view is going to be spectacular. Now, the next thing you have to do is to choose the right tent and the right accessories to fit your glamping style.

Glamping packages

We’ve got three different packages to help you create an easy, but glamorous DIY Glamping set-up. Our packages are perfect for couples, groups, or smaller events where you don’t mind spending time setting up your own glamp.

Glamping tents

The first step to choosing a DIY Glamping Package is to decide on how big of a glamping tent you want. Each of our packages features a high quality, spacious glamping tent. You can choose the 10’ x 10’ Acadia Dome Tent, the 12′ x 14′ Wildlife Safari Glamping Tent, or the 16.4-foot diameter Shenandoah Bell tent.

Glamping beds

Once you’ve decided on your tent, you have to decide on the type of bed that you want. We have everything from cots – which are still super comfortable – to a 22″ high queen airbed with all the bedding included.

Rent glamping packages in Denver

Design your glamping tent and accessorize to suit your glamping style.

Glamping accessories

For the bigger tents, you can add bedside tables and reading lamps to turn your glamping tent into a luxury nature suite. We’ve got a big camping table and some lanterns as well for when you aren’t lounging around on your glamping bed.

Ship your glamping package anywhere in the United States

Outdoors Geek makes it possible to glamp in style for any budget and any type of occasion. Whether you’re a couple going glamping, or you are planning a small, intimate outdoor wedding, DIY Glamping can give you the luxury you deserve. We ship our glamping packages anywhere in the United States.

Let us know where you’re going, and we’ll have your glamping package waiting for you when you arrive.