That’s the Hustle Under the Stars Camping experience that you’ll never forget

Glamping in Mona Utah at the Young Living Farm Lavender Farm

camping under the starsA slight breeze brushes your bangs across your squinted eyelids as you stand in the middle of a lavender field, peering out at over 1,400 acres of tiny purple flowers. You watch the flowers move in the breeze, left then right in unison, an ocean of purple. Immediately you breathe in deeply, filling your lungs with the serenity that overcomes you.

Turning around, you walk back to your tent, thankful to know that you will be resting your head under a sturdy shelter and waking up to yet another day on the Young Living Farm in Mona, Utah. Your kids squirm in their cots surrounding you, impatient for the morning when they will go on their first paddleboat tour, wagon ride tour and animal farm tour. You find yourself a bit more excited to check out the distillery and to attend an essential oils class, but you rest assured that this vacation will satisfy your entire family.

Utah glamping experience: Outdoors Geek and Team Hustle have teamed up to provide all participants with camping under the stars options at the Young Living Mona Lavender Farm

Outdoors Geek glamping  package for twoFrom May 29-31, Outdoors Geek will be serving the largest sales group for Young Living in Utah.

Outdoors Geek crew is getting everything ready for the setup up 100 glamping tents. The setup includes queen beds, twin beds, and even cots for different glamping options. 

At Outdoors Geek, we carefully select our rental tents to make sure you will have a quality outdoor experience. What does that mean? For starters, we only carry tents that have a full rain fly. That means you will stay dry even if you happen to catch a wicked rain storm……and that does happen – even in Utah. It also means our tents are in new or like new condition. They are hand washed and disinfected after every use and they are top quality. Bottom line is we spend more time and more money to make sure you are warm and happy.

You can rent from Outdoors Geek’s wide variety of tents, cots, and even hammocks all online. And make sure to look out for our discounted items.

Book your Outdoors Geek tent today and come enjoy Young Living Mona, the largest herb and distillery farm in the world, at its fullest capacity.
Here are easy driving directions to Mona Farm.

Glamping weekend at Young Living in Mona, UT

Outdoors Geek crew is getting everything ready for Young Living in Mona, UT.