With more than 23 million acres of public land, Colorado is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.



12′ x 14′ Hunting Tent, Stove, Tarp, Rental Package

The 12′ x 14′ hunting tent rental package is great for up to four hunters. This tent is less expensive to ship than a larger tent and can be paired with a lighter weight Ellis Folding Stove. It’s important to note the the folding stove is light weight. That means you cannot burn coal. the wood receiver is much smaller and it has a burn time of only about one hour.

It’s a Davis Canvas Tent, the best Canvas Wall Tents made for elk and deer hunting in the Rockies paired with an Outdoors Geek “High Country” wood burning stove with a partial floor tarp thrown in.


12′ x 28′ Hunting Tent, Stove, Tarp, Rental Package

This, my friends, is how hunters who own their own wall tent set-ups do it in Colorado. We go big so we can get comfy. This hunting package is big enough to give you two rooms. Traditionally, one tent is used for sleeping and the other for eating, relaxing, and additional gear. And, if you’re going to spend 5 to 10 days together as a hunting party you will appreciate the extra space…..trust me.


14′ x 17′ Hunting Tent, Stove, Tarp, Rental Package

The 14′ x 17′ rental hunting tent package is a great package for two to five or possibly more hunters. This tent is large enough to fit 5 full size cots across the back and in most situations should be heated with the Summit Ridge Stove



Geek tip: Coal is a great supplemental way to keep your fireSummit_Ridge_Woodburning_Stove
burning through the night. We sell lump coal at Outdoors Geek
so give us a call




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