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Arkansas River photo by Jeffry Mitton

June is National Camping Month

Camping Season has been in full swing for several months now, but June is the time of year outdoor enthusiasts celebrate the thrill of becoming one with nature in National Camping Month. If you haven’t yet taken the time to participate by getting outdoors, now is as good a time as any. National Camping Month encourages all of us who love the outdoors to get outside once again and embrace all that we love about experiencing the wild and natural beauty of this world. Each camping trip proves how much more there still is to see!

With thousands of camping opportunities around the nation, you can enjoy just about any type of camping experience you choose, from adventurous thrill seeking to backcountry rustic camping, traditional campground camping or even RVing! One of the best places to begin looking for your next camping adventure is in our National Parks!

The National Park Service is charged with the incredible responsibility of caring for more than 400 national parks around the nation and sees 275 million visitors each year!  Surprising still may be that the NPS will be celebrating a very big birthday in August of 2016…100 Years!  Their mission is: “To Preserve unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the National Park System, for the enjoyment, education and inspiration of this and future generations. The National Park Service cooperates with partners to extend the benefits of natural and cultural resources conservation and outdoor recreation throughout this country and the world “.  Take a look at the untouched beauty that could be “just outside your back door” in a National Park in your state.

Camp Out!

Enjoy National Camping Month!

When you’re ready to stake your tent consider these 3 Breathtaking National Parks Campsites:

1. Assateague Island, Maryland

This is a beach camping experience complete with sand under your feet. You can even feel the thunder hooves under your sleeping bag. Site of the famous books series Misty, about the wild horses who are annually penned and auctioned to prevent over population on the Island. You won’t want to miss the running of these wild horses, so consider making plans to be there for the annual swim across the channel. This barrier Island allows you to camp right ocean-side while you enjoy swimming, fishing, walking the shore to collect shells, or just relaxing in a great chair with a book. This site stretches from MD to VA, although camping is only allowed on the MD side. You can park next to your site in their drive -up sites or park in a lot just 200 yards from the beach side sites.

2. Glacier National Park, Montana 

This trip is a backcountry camping experience and each year the Park updates its Backcountry Camping Guide, which is a must have for backpackers who intend to sleep in one their remote locations. Backcountry camping takes serious preparation and will require a permit in this National Park. So, take the guide seriously and count on Outdoors Geek for everything you need. Remember you can Rent It and Try It before you Buy It. If you are a serious hiker there is no doubt you will be impressed by the million plus acres filled with majestic mountains and Alpine Lakes. NPS reminds hikers to pack lightly because they must hike out whatever they hike in, including trash items and especially scraps of food.

3. Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota

If you’re hoping for a more isolated camping experience with few people to neighbor with, this could be your spot, but you will need a boat. There are nearly 200 remote campsites accessible only by boat. Prepare your packing list and menu well because there are no stores to make last minute purchases. There are fire rings, food lockers and picnic tables of that you can enjoy your meals under the big blue sky! But, a permit is required if you intend to spend the night so stop at the visitor center.

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Outdoors Geek Can Service and Camping Experience.

Outdoors Geek celebrates National Camping Month by encouraging you to enjoy the expanse of National Parks around the country.

We ship nationwide, so you can feel confident as you head outdoors for you next camping adventure. Whether you need a sleeping bag or a family camping package complete with camp stove and water filter, we can get your all the gear and accessories you need and we ship anywhere!

Your gear will be waiting for you when you arrive. With our Rent It, Try It, Buy It policy you won’t have a single regret. Participate in National Camping Month before June ends.