If only I had known about Outdoors Geek

A few years back two of my girlfriends and I decided we wanted to get out of the city and go camping for a weekend. We had a long weekend coming up, and once the camping destination was picked, we started making a list of all the other equipment we would have to bring along. I think we probably borrowed something from every one of our friends and family in the area, from the cooler, to the tent, to the sleeping bags, to cooking equipment. Rushing from friend to friend, house to house took almost longer than we were planning on being away. If only we had known about Outdoors Geek! We could have gotten everything we needed with just a few click of the button.

Camping with the girls

A little help from our friends

Not only did we live in the city – San Francisco to be precise – in small apartments with roommates, but closet space was scares, and even if I had wanted to own camping equipment for those rare occasions when I had time to get out of town, the fact is, none of us had room to store it. And, my parents were already begging me to come and remove my boxes from their garage so that they could free up more space, so storing anything else at their house was out of the question. Of course, it is great to know that you can count on friends to lend you their equipment, but like I said, one piece here, and one piece there was almost not worth the trouble. To make it all come together, we almost had to plan a separate “vacation” just to road trip around the Bay Area picking up all the things we thought we might need. Had we known about Outdoors Geek camping rental packages, we would have saved a lot of time…and transportation money.

North Face Tent rental

Rent it, try it, buy it

Baltoro Backpack for rentHad I known about Outdoor Geek back then, all of our troubles would have been over before they arose. This mom and daughter team, the original “outdoor geeks” have  put together everything you could possibly want to make your camping trip a success, no matter where you live. Outdoors Geek ships nationwide. And you don’t even have to buy it. You simply rent the things you need, head out to your great outdoor adventure, and return the equipment when you get back. Of course, the selection of equipment is strictly top quality brands, so there’s a chance you’ll love your camping equipment so much you’ll want to keep it. In that case, you simply go ahead and complete the purchase, and you’ll be set for many camping trips to come. Next time, I’ll be using Outdoors Geek. You should, too.