There is no better time to explore America’s wild lands than when the seasons change.  The heat of summer has finally began to subside and the comfortable feel of fall is in the air.  If you are lucky enough to plan your fall foliage trip when the fall colors are at their peak, the display of color will be unbelievable.  The two biggest factors for a successful leaf peeping tour is when and where.

Most importantly is when.  Sure you can plan a fall trip anytime and the experience will be memorable, but if you plan your trip when the leaves are at their peak, the experience will be magical.  The leaves begin to turn in higher elevations and latitudes first and begin to creep down in elevation and latitude as the season progresses.

This interactive map will make your trip planning a breeze:

It is true, you can witness the change of seasons nearly anywhere, even tree-lined suburbs will pop with color for a short time.  But if you want the full experience, you will to find areas with an abundance of deciduous trees.  The more variety of trees, the variety of colors.  An area that there are large number of Aspen trees will provide an amazing experience.

Here are some ideas to a great driving tour to see the change of season:

Once you nail down the time and place the next step is to plan a leisurely day hike.  Some hikes can be more of a workout than a nature hike, for a fall foliage hike the best bet is to take it slow.  Plan a hike that is not focused on the destination but rather enjoying the hike at a slow pace.  Pack a lunch and stop for a picnic when the view is breathtaking.

Here are some ideas for great hikes featuring a grand showcase of fall foliage:

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