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New rules for hunters education in Colorado

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US military vets, active-duty, reserve-duty, and National Guard members can now test out of the hunters education course.

We’re a few months away from the official start of the 2016 Colorado big game hunting season, and that means it’s time to get your ducks in a row. That includes buying or renting the right equipment, researching and purchasing the right rifle for the animal you are hunting, and just gearing up in general for your hunt. Since we are beyond the dates to apply for limited seasons, you should be looking toward the “over the counter” tags for Season 2 or Season 3.  And of course, if you are a first time big game hunter in Colorado, it’s critical that you meet the hunters education requirements.

Test-out options for the US military and veterans

Since 1970, Colorado has required that anyone born after January 1st, 1949 needs to complete a “Hunters Education Course” before getting a hunting license. However, this year, 2016, there are two groups of people who can “test-out” of the hunters education course:

  • Adults ages 50 and older
  • US military vets, active-duty, reserve-duty, and National Guard members

Testing out doesn’t mean that you don’t have to know the rules and regulations, it means that you can study up on wildlife management, wildlife identification, ethics, laws and regulations, firearm safety, and firearm handling by yourself. After studying, if you can pass an online exam with 90% or better, you can skip the hunter education course and go straight to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) office to get your permanent education number, and you’re off to get your license.

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So, as you can see, whether or not you qualify for the test-out option, you still have some studying and prepping to do before you are ready to head out into the wilderness.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife can help you with all the permitting, and give you a ton of big game resources for the upcoming season (online, by phone, or in person). Outdoors Geek can help you with canvas wall tents, wood and coal burning stoves, cots and other equipment you need to make your hunt a success. Our canvas wall tents come in various sizes to accommodate a hunting party of any size. These are top quality Davis Tents offering safe shelter, comfort, and convenience.

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