The worst thing you can tell an Outdoors Geek is that certain terrain is out of bounds because they don’t have the proper footwear. Don’t let unbroken snow and boilerplate ice stop you from hiking in the backcountry or taking in your favorite hiking trails. Keep your eyes on the weather reports, strap on your snowshoes, and get ready for another season of snowshoeing in Colorado.

Snowshoe rentalsSnowshoeing in Colorado

Just because there’s snow doesn’t mean you need snowshoes. Many popular hiking trails in Colorado will be safe enough to hike with only the traction from your winter hiking boots. But, by leaving the path most traveled to find solitude and breathtaking winter views, you’re more likely to hit unbroken snow.

Rather than expending too much energy walking through deep snow and sinking down to your knees with every step, strap on your Red Feather snowshoes instead and take the snow in casual stride.

Anytime you hit terrain where you sink into the snow below your ankles it’s a sign you need snowshoes. Or, if you are walking over frozen lakes or ground covered in thick, smooth ice that has no ridges for your boots to grip, then think about renting Yaktrax Diamond Grip shoe traction chains.

Rental Snowshoes

Snowshoeing in Colorado

For boilerplate ice, rent Yaktrax Diamond Grip shoe traction chains to keep your footing and stay safe.

With the right snowshoes and traction chains, outdoors geeks can still hike deep into the Colorado backcountry to experience breathtaking winter wonderlands and find peace away from the busy trails. But, the pure white snow can hide some very serious dangers, so always be prepared.

Before you go snowshoeing anywhere, be sure to check the weather reports and avalanche warnings in the area that you’re hiking. The two most significant tools you have at your disposal for keeping you safe while snowshoeing in Colorado is information and preparedness.

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We ship rental snowshoes to anywhere in the United States.

The easiest way to get outfitted with the right gear for snowshoeing in Colorado is to stop by our Denver outdoors shop and check out our rental snowshoes. But, for those of you outside of the Denver area, we gladly ship top of the line Red Feather snowshoes to anywhere in the United States, including trekking poles and a carrying case!

We’re equal opportunity outdoors geeks, and believe anyone should be able to explore the great outdoors anywhere and everywhere. Shipping snowshoes across the nation are just one way we are helping outdoors geeks live out their adventurous spirit.

The sooner you come into the shop, the sooner we’ll have you back outdoors again!