Camping in Yellowstone National Park is one of those iconic camping experiences. It’s at the top of many outdoor enthusiast bucket lists. Yellowstone has over 2,000 campsites in 12 different campgrounds. And, for the more adventurous campers, Yellowstone gives you access to a network of backcountry campsites. Yellowstone National Park has something for everyone, and when it comes to packing, Outdoors Geek has several rental camping packages specifically tailored to meet the camping requirements at Yellowstone National Park.Rental Camping Packages

Exploring Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park boasts some of the world’s most famous natural wonders. Explore mountains, rivers, lakes, and forest. Witness the drama of the natural world unfold right before your eyes, like Old Faithful, the first geyser in the park to get a name. Old Faithful may not be the largest or the tallest geyser in the park, but, it is the most predictable, shooting boiling water up to 185 feet in the air at regular intervals during the day. Besides geysers, Yellowstone has some of the most diverse wildlife, including the famous grizzly bear.

Reserving a Campsite in Yellowstone National Park

Before visiting Yellowstone National Park, figure out what type of camping trip you want to have. If you are looking for more amenities and comforts, you can reserve a lodge or hotel accommodations in advance. However, most of the campgrounds at Yellowstone are first come, first serve, so plan to arrive early to make sure you get a spot.

Check Weather Conditions

Check camping dates and prices at Yellowstone National Park before you arrive. If you’re planning on camping, whether on a campsite or in the backcountry, you always need to keep track of the weather conditions. The time of year that you go to Yellowstone will impact the way you pack for your trip.

Yellowstone National Park Rental Camping Packages

Yellowstone National Park Rental Camping Packages

Our rental camping packages are tailored specifically for Yellowstone National Park.

Most camping sites in Yellowstone have a tent pad that is only 8’ x 8’, so you need to plan your gear accordingly. We’ve got special Yellowstone National Park rental camping packages. The maximum tent size for most campsites is a four-person tent, which is why our camping packages include (you guessed it) a four-person tent! We’ll also throw in some comfort items like tables and chairs, and some camping cooking and beer cooling gear.

Ship Camping Packages to Yellowstone National Park

And, to make it even easier for you, we’ll ship our Yellowstone National Park rental camping packages directly to Yellowstone, or any neighboring airport. So you won’t have to travel with all of your gear, it will be waiting for you once you arrive. And when you leave, just pack it up and send it back.