Snow Shoe rentalsWhy would anyone choose to snowshoe with their kids instead of ski? The first reason could be that snowshoeing is a whole lot easier for kids than skiing and provides stress-free fun for the whole day! If you choose the right trails and gear, snowshoeing can be a lot more than just walking up and down the same hill!

Snowshoeing adventures for children require less coordination than skiing. The only technical ability a child needs is to be able to walk. This makes it a great adventure for a family with children of all ages. Of course for a family with really small kids you’ll want to keep your trek to short distances with very little inclination. But as your children grow, you can increase the distance and the elevation. To make your snowshoe adventures a success for the whole family here are four easy tips.

take a sled on your snowshoes trip, Family winter adventures, Prepare to play outside in winter, Family Sledging Through Snowy Woodland4 Easy tips to make snowshoeing fun for the whole family:

1. Introduce them slowly. You can give your children an easy introduction to snowshoeing by choosing easy trails close to home, like a local golf course, or school field covered in winter snow. Once your kids are ready to venture out, choose a trail with a fresh, fluffy covering to make the trip interesting. Packed-in, icy snow doesn’t make for much of an adventure. Avoid ski trails since snowshoes are designed to move through powder, not hard packed ski snow.

2. Choose someplace fun for your final snowshoe destination. If you literally trudge up and down the same hill – likely your children won’t be signing up to try snowshoes again. Choose a backcountry campsite or a fun ending destination to have a campfire dinner and marshmallow roast, or some other family favorite that would make the journey worth their while!

Winter activity, snowshoe fun with the family, 3. Bring along some friends. It is true: the more, the merrier. Let them choose a friend or two to come along, it will energize them to have their friends trekking right along with them.

4. Bring along a sled. Not only will the it provide fun for all when you arrive at your destination, but it serves as an emergency ride for a tired and cranky youngsters and an easy haul for firewood and needed supplies.

Love the outdoors in winter with kidsSnowshoeing can be a fun adventure for the whole family. With a few simple steps to prepare you can be trekking through beautiful, fresh, powdered snow!  Family fun in winter isn’t complicated with professionals like Outdoors Geek to help guide your gear choices. Rent your snowshoes and try them out before you buy.