Don’t judge a tent by its tent bag. Just because the tent bag looks a little beat up doesn’t mean that the tent inside isn’t near perfect. In fact, if it wasn’t for the bag, and the fact that we’re calling this a “used camping gear sale,” you’d never know that the tent had ever seen the inside of a forest or a campground. If you’re looking to upgrade or accessorize your personal camping gear, you won’t find better gear for better prices than our used camping gear.

Used camping gear sale Denver

Our discount prices on used gear means you can finally afford that Gregory pack on your next backpacking trip.
Backpack: Gregory, Jade 63 Pack for Women.

Great deals on slightly used camping gear

When we rent gear, it’s important to be meticulous about taking great care of it, cleaning it, packing it up gently, and making small repairs whenever needed. When we feel that a piece of gear has reached the end of its career as rental gear, we put it up for sale. All of our gear, including backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and pads, and hammocks, still has plenty of life left for many more adventures. The only differences between our used camping gear and new gear are the prices and the knowledge that it has been gently used before.

Discounts on top camping brands

Used camping gear sale Denver

You’re gonna need a bigger tent for a growing family.
Photo: Meramac 6 person tent with rainfly

We always used the best brands in our rental program, so when items are for sale, you get top camping brands at discount prices. You can save up to 60% on camping gear from The North Face, Gregory, Big Agnes, Eped, Marmot and more. All that gear you’ve been checking out on other campers but knew you couldn’t afford to buy retail? Now you have the chance to get name brand stuff without dipping into your savings.

Gently used camping gear for sale

Maybe you and your family have outgrown your old gear and you need to upgrade your backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags, or you just want to geek out and splurge on some new camping gear. Whatever the reason, we’ll help you find used gear that looks as good as new.

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