weekend winter adventures, Accessories for all your tripsGo ahead and spice up your weekend with some outdoor fun! At Outdoors Geek, we are committed to helping you have the best experiences with the outdoors you can possibly have. We want to see you, your family and friends enjoying the great outdoors and all that nature has to offer! So, if you’ve seen a little too much of the office for the last few months, maybe it’s time you take a long weekend and plan an outdoor adventure for yourself and your loved ones!

At Outdoors Geek, we have many ways to help make your outdoor experiences memorable and stress-free.

One of our best features is our Rent It, Try It, Buy It, policy. You may not be sure what gear suits you best. You may not be sure you actually want to invest in your own gear for a hobby like snowshoeing. With Outdoors Geek you don’t need to worry about investing right away! Rent your gear first, and try it out.

The Geeks are ready to help you launch out this weekend on your much needed getaway adventure. You don’t need to go far to enjoy a new outdoor experience. Whether you are a Coloradoan, or you’re from a big city with little natural life within your reach, you can find an outdoor experience to suit you!

nps, winter family activities, The best place to start is your national park service: Check out their website to find out up to date information on the seasonal closings and specific details for the parks near you. If you’re looking for something different, try a casual drive just outside the city. Find out what natural treasures lie just outside your city limits. Snow covered lakes for skating, a freshly covered field for snowshoeing, the perfect trail for a brisk hike. How about a leisurely drive to explore rock formations?

When winter chill is in the air, you may not be interested in renting a Kayak, but there are still plenty of exhilarating outdoor activities to enjoy. We are glad to help you learn more about winter camping, hiking trails open through the end of Fall, snowshoeing, or sledding.

If you’ve got cabin fever before winter has even set in, take the opportunity this weekend to enjoy some fresh air and the great outdoors with Outdoors Geek. Trust us to make your outdoor experiences the best!