Thanksgiving camping, fall pumpkins

Some families may wonder why anyone would want to go camping, on a holiday? Aren’t you supposed to be home and tucked in for the day on Thanksgiving or Christmas? One of the best things about Thanksgiving is the chance to slow down and relax. Aside from all the cooking, the best part about the day is being with family, and not going anywhere. However, going camping can start a fun, new, tradition for your family that allows you to unplug and unwind in the presence of your loved ones!

Here are 3 great reasons to go camping on Thanksgiving.

  1. Time to slow down. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day we take into account all of the things we have to be thankful for. We slow down our schedules and our commitments, and we just relax together. Whether it’s football, a card game or telling embarrassing family stories that gather us around the table. Camping is the perfect way to gather everyone together and focus on what’s most important in life! Three friends camping together
  2. Uninterrupted Family Time! If you’re like any average family, you may find it challenging to get in a word between TV and texting. Getting your gang outdoors and away from WiFi, isn’t such a bad idea. Once everyone has dealt with the news that they will be spending the weekend without internet, you may actually begin to see your family’s eyes again! Getting out into the fresh air to toss a football or tease each other with old tales, is a fun way to connect with your family and closest friends.
  3. Shortened Meal Prep. This could be one of the best reasons of all! Everyone knows how long it takes to prepare the traditional Thanksgiving meal! From desserts to favorite sides, and homemade bread, the work is astounding. Then the clean up lasts for hours. Campfire meal prep for Thanksgiving ensures a drastically reduced meal prep time and clean up time while still allowing for post-turkey napping and football, live of course.

Do something different this Thanksgiving, Go Camping! Take your family off the WiFi craze for a few days and enjoy a nearly work-free meal prep and enjoyable conversation with the whole family! It will be an experience you never forget!