Pocket knives are an interesting item. On one hand they are becoming more popular. Yet at the same time, many see them as unnecessary, especially those living in city environments. No matter where you live, one thing you should always have nearby is a good pocket knife. Knives have been around for ages and for good reason. Les Stroud, famed “Survivor Man”, said he could survive almost anywhere as long as he had a good pocket knife or multi-tool. But knives aren’t just about surviving in the outdoors, they also come in handy on a daily basis.

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4 Reasons You Should Be Carrying A Pocket Knife

  1. For Handling Daily Tasks: Knives can been used for many things… but that doesn’t mean they should be. First and foremost pocket knives are for cutting. This is still a task many of us do each day. Whether it’s opening letters or boxes from amazon, cutting loose threads on our clothing or removing tags on new items. There is always a need to cut something and a small pocket knife makes these tasks quicker and easier.
  2. For Basic Food Prep: It’s not uncommon to need to cut or peel food while away from home. Maybe you brought an orange to work with your lunch for example. Having a pocket knife on hand allows you to cut or peel your food whenever you may have forgotten to before heading out of the house.
  3. For Household Chores: Sometimes while working around the house you need a rag. Cutting an old towel into rags is a breeze when your pocket knife is on hand. Maybe you are doing yard work and need to get those vines off the fence, a pocket knife will do the trick.
  4. In Case of Emergencies Situations: Pocket knives excel in emergencies. In first aid situations like cutting bandages and wraps or cutting clothing a pocket knife is handy. In true emergencies such as car accidents a pocket knife could be used to cut a seat belt and save a life.

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Whether you are outdoors or in the city, there are many uses for a pocket knife. Having one on hand is beneficial to you as well as those around you who find themselves in a pinch. When you don’t have one, you may not feel the need for one. But once you own a good pocket knife, you will wonder how you ever managed to get by without it!