Some snow is not going to stop us from enjoying a good backpacking day, or a camping weekend! But with winter, it’s important to take precautions and be smart about your choices of outdoors fun.

Father carrying son on his back at the mountain

Follow our advice to avoid frostbite and have the best time out in the snow!

  • Check Weather forecast and be extra prepared: make sure to pack extra and be super prepared as winter weather is very unpredictable. Even though you plan to stay out for a day, take equipment as if you were going to spend the night.
  • Dress up with layers: Layers in clothing help prevent hypothermia and frostbite. It’s important to always wear 3 layers: one first layer of a wicking fabric to prevent you from getting damp, a second layer with a warm fabric like wool; and, finally, a third layer of an appropriate weather fabric like a snow jacket.
  • A good advice is to avoid drinking alcoholic drinks to warm you up as this will keep you from realizing when you’re actually getting too cold. Cigarette smoking can also affect negatively blood circulation.

    Photo credit: National Parks Service

    Photo credit: National Parks Service

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