With Black Friday shopping day right around the corner, you can’t forget the outdoor lovers in your lives! Here are some of our favorite items you can find at a great price this week! If you’ve been renting some of these items to try them out, you may be ready to buy them now that you’re convinced we stock the highest quality of outdoor gear on the market! This is the time to invest! Take a look at our specials this season!

Top 2 Deals for Black Friday Savings: 

Black Friday Sale Must Have Items, 1.The Sawyer water filter: Our geeks, love the Sawyer, hollow fiber point one filters! But the Sawyer Mini is the perfect backpacker’s companion! You may know that we test every product and we thought the 16 oz. squeeze bag just wasn’t enough, so we’ve added a 32 oz and a 64 oz. squeeze bag, for FREE!  Why FREE? Because, it just makes the most sense to have as much water carrying capacity as you can when you set out into the outdoors for any reason! Water is a top priority for outdoor adventures of any kind and you have to consider the possibility of a bag breaking. Having extra bags jus makes sense.  The sawyer mini water filter weighs only 2 oz. and works like a champ with a warranty of 100,000 gallons! That’s a hard working water filter. This is the time to get your Sawyer mini at only $24.99.

Black Friday Sale Must Have Items, 2. The Marmot PreCip Jacket for both Men and Women:  The PreCip jacket by Marmot is a stylish and value-oriented jacket. It is a fully rainproof outerwear for backcountry hikers and campers. PreCip is dry-touch technology, 100 % seam-taped, waterproof and breathable.  Angel wing motion allows full movement in the arms so the jacket doesn’t ride up. Previously $99 now only $64.35 This is a great sale price for a versatile and long wearing jacket for urban or backcountry uses!

Don’t miss these incredible Black Friday Deals!  Trust Outdoors Geeks to test and stock only the highest quality outdoors gear available!