Camping with your family and friends is always fun, and there are tons of options to choose from for your outdoor experience. When you go camping in the wild, it is always better to be prepared for the unexpected.

Knowing what to do in a survival situation can make the difference between life and death. That is why today we want to bring you 5 handy outdoor survival skills everyone should know if they get lost:

May2013 22lb Rainbow Trout


Find A Water Source

If you get lost, it is very important to find water in order to maintain yourself hydrated. Human beings can live around 48 hours without water, and not finding a clean water source on time could be lethal.

Finding Food

If you are in a survival situation, finding food is the next very important thing to do. For example: if you are near a river or a lake, look for fish to catch. Animals provide protein, which in turn provide energy to our body.

Fern lake Trail - Rocky Mountain national Park

Fern Lake Trail

Study the Surroundings

Adapting is very important for survival. Always make sure to study the surroundings and look for potential dangers. If you can stay calm and take a logical approach at unexpected situations, you’ll have better and faster chances of getting out of it.

Mary Timmons 2011 at Clarence Fahnestock State Park


Stay Calm!

Staying calm on a dangerous situation will help you take better and smarter options. Getting panicky and desperate will only worsen the situation.  Keep calm at all times and try to find a safe spot where you can build an improvised campground.

Create A Fire

Stock Images with paid rightsA good fire will help you to keep warm and cook any animal catch. If you don’t have matches, you can build a fire with a soft rock and sticks to rub together. You can also create fire from polished aluminum or a magnifying glass.The_North_Face_Aleutian_554x1322




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