Getting settle with all camping beach equipment

Spending some time at the beach?

Have you ever been lying out on your beach blanket watching as the sun sets and the first stars come out? Or laying out in the sun for hours, working on your tan after long, cold months of only winter and snow? Whether you’re planning a surf trip, or a beach glamping experience, knowing what to pack is half the battle.

Your Beach Packing List

Remember that packing light will always make your life easier and simpler, whenever you travel. But when it’s your first time to a new place, you may want to take some “extra precautions” to make sure all you worry about is the tide and the sunset… Hopefully these pointers will help you pack wise!

  • If you have to walk, then definitely shed size and weight, it will help save your spine and probably your sanity. You must know walking on sand is no easy task when you have a heavy load to bear.
  • At the beach the right shoes are important. On the sand, practical beats fashion. Although you can sometimes have the best of both worlds. Flip flops are good for most beachwear, and are perfectly ok even if you go out to dinner. However, if the sand gets hot, a closed shoe may become your best ally.
  • Running at the beach? As romantic as a barefoot jog may look in the pictures, it really hurts in real life. Pack some light runners.
  • Will you need your phone, tablet or computer? If you’re camping on the beach, make sure you have two things covered? Is there a safe place to store your electronics when you go out of your campsite? And, is there a place to charge them. If not, give your mobile a vacation and leave them at home or in a safe place in your hotel.
  • Flashlight or lanterns will always be necessary. Even if your staying at a hotel during your beach trip, the nice, dark walks at night are part of the fun. Many hotels and campsites have darker paths that you’ll want to explore, so be prepared.
  • And of course, sun protection. Sunblock, hats, SPF clothes, and moisturizers for after the sun. Get the smaller sizes! Remember, packing wise is better for everyone. Work on your tan slowly, if one trip is not enough, you don’t need a sunburn you need more vacation time!
  • Bugs love the beach too! Don’t forget your insect repellent.

Are you camping at the beach?

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Walking in the sand at the beach

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