Glamping is like checking into a five-star luxury hotel in the middle of the great outdoors. But the difference is, when you want to save a few bucks on your luxury stay, you end up sacrificing a great view, space, or amenities. DIY glamping camping will keep you living in the lap of luxury, but still keeping the 360-degree views and all the luxury amenities you can think of.

DIY glamping packages

Rent a DIY glamping package and set up your own glamping village.

What is DIY Glamping

So, what is DIY glamping? Do-it-Yourself Glamping, aka glamor camping, is a great way for individuals, families, teams, or groups to customize a glamorous camping experience without paying for the setup and the takedown. Now, you may think that setting up and taking down your glamor tent is the hardest part, but our glamping bell, safari and dome tents are super easy to pitch.

When DIY Glamping is Best

Whether you’re just a few people or you’re taking your team out into the wild for a little team building and bonding, DIY glamping is a great way to bring everyone together. You can choose any glamping location you please, then rent your glamping gear and save a little money by setting it up yourself. Plus, pitching your own camp is character building, and a great way to test your team working skills.

DIY Glamping for Outdoor Weddings

DIY glampingA wedding is costly, even if you try to make it as casual as possible. DIY glamping can shave a few dollars off of your wedding budget, while still keeping you and all of your guests living it up in outdoor luxury. Once you’ve set up your glamping camp, you’ll be enjoying all the finest things that camping has to offer. Sleeping in a queen size bed and having a fully functional camp kitchen isn’t going to take away from your outdoor experience. If anything, it’s going to enhance it.

Rent DIY Glamping Packages

Whatever the occasion, Outdoors Geek in Denver can put together a DIY glamping package. Choose between a Safari, Dome, or Bell tent and then fill it with glamorous camping gear and glamorous accessories. Set up a few tents or a whole glamping village with the help of Outdoors Geek.