Colorado camping tips for winter

Why Camp in Colorado in the Winter?

You might be wondering just that; “why would anybody want to camp in Colorado during winter?” Winter could easily be the best time for camping. The summer lovers have retired to their homes, making campgrounds a peaceful sanctuary and the cold season in Colorado is simply amazing. Winter offers a different perspective of nature, snow covered mountains and frozen rivers and lakes are frozen full of exciting activities to be enjoyed outdoors.

However, the key to a successful winter camping experience is having the right gear and becoming an informed winter camper. Which means you have come to the right place for the best gear and the best information about what you need!

Basic Guide to Winter Camping Gear


Even though hiking is about packing as lightly as you can, in winter you need extra gear as you need to be prepared for the cold and the wet. That includes waterproof gear and extra layers.You can rent or buy your hiking Baltoro Backpacks 100% satisfaction ratings on our rentals.You can rent or buy your hiking backpack with the Geeks. Baltoro is one of the brands we carry that has gotten 100% satisfaction ratings on our gear rentals.

Sleeping Bags

North Face Furnace 5 Degree sleeping bag

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If you have never camped in the cold, one of the most important things you need is a sleeping bag specially made for the winter. These bags are supplied with synthetic insulation down, you’ll want to look for the newer, higher quality tech with words like Downtek or Pro-Down that offer a superior warmth-to-weight ratio.

You can distinguish a winter bag by their draft tubes behind the zippers, hoods to help keep the heat in the bag, and draft collars above the shoulders. But they also come with temperature recommendations. So if you are planning a camping trip in Colorado this month, the weather will most likely drop to freezing temperatures at night and you will want your cozy sleeping bag with you. If you only need a winter sleeping bag for this one trip, you can rent it at Outdoors Geek.  If you want to try it bags before you make your final decision, this is also the right place to try it before you buy it!

Cots, Mats or Sleeping Pads

What you put under your sleeping bag matters in the cold so we give you options. If you want to stay off the cold ground a sleeping cot or a raised camping bed may be your best choices. Those may be great for glamping in the cold, but if you are backpacking, where size and weight matter most, you should be able to carry on your back everything you pack! Sleeping pads

Great camping and backpacking options include mats and sleeping pads or a combination of both. These can be foam or inflatable.

GEEK TIP: Closed cell sleeping pads are great for adding more insulation under your inflatable pad in colder temps.

For cushioning and insulation go for sleeping pads. Make sure to use 2 full-length pads to keep from losing body heat on snowy surfaces. Pads with higher R-value are the best choice, because as higher R-values are, the better it insulates.

Stay tuned for more information and tips on camping gear for all occasions

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