Nothing can make you forget about the end of summer like the Denver fall foliage bursting with color. Fall colors are Colorado’s way of pulling you out of a post-summer funk and distracting you with something pretty and shiny. As a bonus, Denver has one of the longest fall seasons in the country. Take that, New England!!

Quality outdoor gear for fall in Colorado

From mid-September, you can see the Colorado aspen groves shimmering with golden colors.
Photo: Aspen grove, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Credit: NPS

The first sign of fall foliage near Denver, Colorado

Because of the different climate zones in Colorado (five, to be exact,) the leaf peeping season starts as early as mid-September.

The first sign of fall will come from our quintessential aspens that stand straight and tall, with their shimmering golden halos that can take your breath away. From the middle of September, leaf peeping geeks will storm the Denver area to get a glimpse of this glorious sight. If you’re an early bird, you’ll need to head above 8,000 ft. to find the first sign of fall. As the season progresses, fall foliage and all of its bright, awesome colors can be seen from all along the foothills of the mountains, stretching up to the top as far as the eye can see.

Where to go leaf peeping near Denver

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If you live in or near Denver, you won’t have to travel far to see groves of high aspens changing into their fall colors. It’s like following the yellow brick road, except you’re following the golden aspen groves as you head to Guanella Pass or Rocky Mountain National Park. The higher you go, the bigger the groves, the taller the aspens, and the more spectacular the colors.

Camping gear for fall leaf peeping in Colorado

If you want to sleep amongst the fall foliage, make sure you have the right gear. Remember, you’re going to be high above sea level, and it is fall, so you need the right gear to keep you warm at night.

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Happy leaf peeping season, geeks!