Outdoor gear for sale in Denver

Buy camping tents in Denver

Big Agnes tents are just one of the brands we have for sale at our Denver outdoors retail shop.

Getting all the latest and greatest camping gear can be expensive. Plus, the camping industry is constantly evolving. Not only are we getting more innovative and better quality camping gear, but the way that we camp is also changing. Your grandma’s camping tent isn’t going to cut it for the 2017 glampers. We’ve has been renting the best of the best in camping gear and accessories, but we also sell both new and gently used gear for the campers who love to own their own camping gear.

New camping gear for sale in Denver

The reason you should head to our Denver outdoor retail shop to buy your new camping gear is that we will give you a chance to test the gear before you buy. Rent the gear you think you’ll like, and if you’re right, we’ll subtract the rental fee from the total price of your new gear.

Gently used camping gear for sale in Denver

New and used camping gear sale in Denver

Get new and used Gregory backpacks at competitive prices.

You can save even more money on name brands by buying your camping gear used. Even our used gear is practically like buying new gear. We take meticulous care of our rental gear, and we put the gear up for sale before it becomes too worn. Therefore, we like to refer to our gear as “gently used” but almost like new. Like the new gear, you’re welcome to rent it first and try it before you buy. Buying used gear from Outdoors Geek can save up to 60% on all the best brands in the camping industry.

Camping accessories for sale in Denver

Besides the essential camping gear like all-season tents, backpacks, daypacks, cots, hammocks, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and camping apparel, we have a huge selection of camping accessories for sale. Complete your camping package with cookware, camp furniture, trekking poles, lighting, chargers, and much, much more.

Backpacking food for sale in Denver

Camping gear and accessories for sale in Denver

Get gourmet backpacking cuisine for your next adventure.

Since you’re already here, why not pimp your camping food a little with our selection of camping cuisine? Upgrade your canned beans and oatmeal with our gourmet selection of delicious backpacking breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

Outdoor retail shop in Denver

Head to 4431 Glencoe St, Denver, and choose from the most respected camping brands in the industry. We’ve got everything you need, as well as a few things that you never even thought you wanted.