How to choose a Pocket knife or multi-tool?

With Black Sales going on all around, and Christmas around the corner, outdoor lovers are likely to be looking for a new pocket knife this time of year. Trends show that outdoor enthusiasts love their pocket knives. Some may, in fact, have quite a collection! But, if this is a first pocket knife, you want to take your time. Choosing the right pocket knife is important! You want a knife that is practical, and reliable. While you may be tempted to pick the best reviewed multi-tool and be on your way. Give it more thought because a multi-tool may not be what you need.

How to choose a Pocket knife or multi-tool? Finding a pack with space for extra winter gear is essentialDo you plan to carry your pocket knife every day?

The first step is to establish whether or not you normally carry a pocket knife. If this will be an EDC for you (Every Day Carry), you will want something with a strong and reliable blade. Statistics have proven that when you reach for your pocket knife, most often, the circumstance calls for a blade… a sharp one. So, while a clever multi -tool seems effective with all the cool tools it includes, if the blade is weak you have lost the point of your everyday carry.

What occurs most often with a multi-tool blade as opposed to a dedicated pocket knife, is the multi- tool blade is designed to fold into a handle with lots of other moving pieces. The way the blade actually folds out makes it difficult to use the full length of the blade.  The blade turn-out is typically slow and requires two hands instead of one.

How to choose a Pocket knife or multi-tool? How will your knife fit into your pocket?

The next question you need to answer is where you intend to keep it? Do you prefer to have a clip, or will your pockets be deep enough to keep your knife secure in the pocket?  Look at all the details of the knife you are interested in. Are you right handed or left handed, do you want to secure the knife tip up or tip down. How will you most often reach for your knife?

Next, check out the clip. How long is the clip? Will any portion of the knife be seen sticking out of your pocket or will the entire knife disappear into your pocket. This is important if you intend for the knife to be completely discreet.  If you prefer your knife to remain inconspicuous you will want to do a real-life test drive. Measure your pocket depth and measure your knife clip.

How to choose a Pocket knife or multi-tool? If you’re looking for a knife that will be a convenient, easy to grab and easy to use everyday knife, think through the details. Ask yourself what your needs are, and what your everyday carry plan is? Will your normal pockets allow you to reach for and secure your knife quickly. How convenient will the knife truly be.  A few extra minutes of thinking can provide you with the perfect choice for your everyday pocket knife.