Colorado Big Game Hunting 2019

Welcome to our Colorado Big Game Hunting Schedule 2019. If you have general questions regarding Colorado hunting season, dates, or even applying for licenses, feel free to call us anytime. We don’t sell licenses, but we do rent and sell a lot of canvas wall tents and other hunting gear to hunters coming into Colorado. Each year we serve hunters from coast to coast and we will be happy to help you out anyway we can. See important links below and check out our Colorado Big Game Hunting article for tips and take a look at our Geek Advice page.

Colorado Hunting Season Dates 2019

Archery Season

Elk & Deer                            August 31 – September 29

Moose                                    Sept 7 – 29

Pronghorn(bucks only)     August 15 – 31

Pronghorn (either sex)      September 1 – 20

       Bear (over-the-counter with caps    September 2-30


Deer/Elk/Moose                    September 14 – 22

Plains Deer East of I-25       October 12 – 20 (Except unit 140)

Pronghorn                              September 21 – 29

       Bear (over-the-counter with caps)    September 14 – 22

Rifle Deer/Elk/Moose

Moose                                                  October 1 – 14

1st Season Elk only                          October 12 – 16

2nd Season Deer/Elk Combined   October 19 – 27

3rd Season Deer/Elk Combined    November 2 – 10

4th Season Elk (limited Deer)        November 13 – 17


Where can I get solid advice and information on elk and deer hunting in Colorado?

Usually sending someone to a government website is not helpful, but this is the exception. Colorado Parks and Wildlife has an amazing wealth of information. One very worthwhile program is called “Elk Hunting University”. The  “Colorado Big Game Home Page” is full of helpful information and links. One of the secret weapons of Colorado elk hunters is the “Big Game Hunting Harvest Reports and Hunting Recap Summaries”. If you use these to plan your hunt, your chances of success will be much higher. Expect it to take a bit to find your way around the reports, but they are worth the investment in time.

We also have a very helpful article “Best Elk Hunting Season in Colorado” that you will want to check out. And, never forget, if your elk hunting, elk are where ever they want to be. So go find them. They are not like whitetail deer. They may leave an area for two or three weeks. So don’t sit around and wait for them. Go out and Make it Happen!