Tourist season in Moab ramps up as the temperatures in the Utah desert begin to drop.  It is time once again to plan a trip to the epicenter of desert fun.  “Something for everyone” is tired travel cliché for everywhere but Moab; whatever your outdoor hobby is, you can do it in Moab.

On the surface Moab appears very crowded.  The popular trailheads’ parking lots will fill up and the really popular spots will see a steady stream of people, but if you will to do a little more work than the next tourist you can still find solitude.

If you have never been to Moab here is list of activities to get a flavor of the region:


Visit the Parks – Arches National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park are spectacular desert parks.  Both parks showcase of the beauty of desert.  If you are in Moab, both Aches and Dead Horse Point are must-see.

Hike a cool canyon – The most popular hiking trails are the canyons that have water flowing through year round.  Granstaff canyon is the most popular.  The trail follows the creek for about 2.5 miles to its spectacular finish at the Morning Glory Arch.

Play in the Colorado River – The river around Moab is very mellow, floating down a section of this can be done without a guide.  If a float trip is not your idea of fun, there are numerous beaches and swimming holes where you can beat the heat.

Mountain Biking – Slick Rock is obviously the most famous mountain biking trail in Moab.  It is popular for good reason, there really aren’t very many trails like Slick Rock in the world.  The entire loop is on rock, the trail follows white marks spray painted on the sandstone.  If you prefer classic desert riding and single track, there are hundreds of miles of traditional mountain biking ranging from beginner to expert.

Climb at Wallstreet –  Wallstreet is a popular spot for all skill levels and can get very crowded. Rock climbing guides can be hired if you want to climb the sandstone cracks of Moab.

Enjoy the downtown – What was once a dusty and quiet main street is nowt as lively as any popular tourist town in the west.  Great food,  interesting shops, and entertaining  people watching make it easy to spend an afternoon hanging around the downtown.

Drive to the Thelma and Louise drop-off – The White Rim Trail is not for everyone, it is very exposed.  Fortunately there is an alternative route to access the famous location where Thelma and Louise were filmed driving their car in the abyss.  If you drive to the end of Wallstreet a road will take you through the Pot Ash plant.  Follow this road for 20 minutes and when a huge cliff begins to appear on your left, a dirt will take you to a sign commemorating the famous movie scene.

Test your 4X4 skills – Moab is rock crawlers paradise, there are many places to destroy your vehicle if you overestimate your skill.  Not all the trails are VDL (vehicle damage likely), many trails offer just enough bumps and obstacles to keep the attention.  Most types of 4X4 of available for rent in town.


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