Kayak enthusiasts are always looking for a new stretch of river to explore. The Rocky Mountains boast plenty of whitewater for kayaking! With several rivers swelling in season, providing swift moving waters, Colorado is a kayaker’s dream.

blue mesa reservoir in gunnison national forest coloradoFew places in Colorado can compare with the Blue Mesa Reservoir for any water lover!  Fishermen, Boaters, Wind Sailers, and Sea Kayakers have all experienced the thrill of Blue Mesa. The Blue Mesa Reservoir is located in the Curecanti National Recreation area southwest of Denver. It’s part of a system of three reservoirs made up of The Crystal Reservoir, and Morrow Point Reservoir, and The Blue Mesa Reservoir. The three reservoirs in this system are referred to simply as the Blue Mesa Reservoir system, and they make up an hydroelectric project that supplies electricity to the region surrounding Gunnison County.

At 20 miles long, The Blue mesa reservoir is by far the largest and most scenic body of water in Colorado. Wild life, Plant life and incredibly scenic views line every shore of this magnificent Colorado destination. While it’s always best to check with Park Rangers for water levels and ease of boat-in camping, the numerous camping locations along the endless shores and inland areas of Blue Mesa assure an amazing trip no matter where you stop.

Blue Mesa Reservoir, CO, USAPark Rangers often recommend putting in at Sapinero to paddle one of the reservoir arms known as Lake Fork. Recommended boat-in camping locations here include Elk Creek, Ponderosa,. The Lake Fork and Cebolla arms both have beautiful rock formations to gaze upon. The Lake Fork arm also promises adrenaline highs with the dumping summer waters when the volume is at its highest. Enthusiasts can expect roller coaster rapids and large holes when volume is high.

Grab you gear and make your safety checks! Kayak, tent and sturdy pack…check! ! It’s Fall and the water awaits!


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