There is incredible pressure every year to have the most spectacular New Year’s Eve, ever. Which means, that as the years go by, topping last year’s NYE party becomes more and more difficult. Inevitably, putting that much pressure on one night can only lead to disappointment. So, instead of looking for the greatest party, take a night hike on New Year’s Eve and avoid all the hustle, the bustle, the noise, and the pressure.

Hiking on New Year’s Eve

Who said that New Year’s Eve had to be one big celebration? New Year’s Eve is also a great time to reflect and take stock of the year that has passed. There is no better place to think back on the year and look forward to the next than surrounded by nature.  Colorado has many beautiful camping spots and trails that are perfect for that last hike of the year and to take a little time to center yourself and find peace. You may just find that a quiet night hike in Colorado with just a few close friends will be the most spectacular and memorable New Year’s Eve of all time.

Night hiking essentials


Rent snowshoes in Colorado

Check the weather and the trail conditions to see if you need snowshoes for your night hike.

There are thousands of trails for star filled night hikes in Colorado, and many of them are open after the sun sets. Some parks and trails will even host moonlight hikes, so check around to see where the best night hikes are in your area. There are even several beautiful night hikes near Denver. But, when you hike at night there are a few extra essentials that are necessary. Your safety is still the main priority, so be sure to pack your backpack right, and bring the right hiking essentials for night hiking.



You need proper footwear, and depending on the trail, maybe even snowshoes. Be sure to check the weather and the trail conditions before taking off. That goes for day hikes as well as night hikes.



Bring a Splashflash LED light on your New Year’s Eve night hike in Colorado.

If you’re heading out at night, it’s important to bring a flashlight or a headlamp. Although, some outdoor geeks do recommend using your light as little as possible, and only if you sense that you are getting off track. By using a flashlight the whole time you are missing out on the night sky. Allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness, and take in the night nature as it was intended.



The right backpack will make any hike more comfortable. Backpacks should be fitted to the shape and size of the person, and be made for the type of hike you are going on. Consider the weight and the size, and only bring the essentials.

Hydration systems

Even though it’s cold at night, you will still be getting warm and losing fluid when you go on night hikes. Be sure to always bring water to stay hydrated.

Be aware of your surroundings

Night hikes in Colorado

Get fitted for the right backpack for your next hike.

When the sun sets, much of the Colorado wildlife are just waking up and starting their day. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings and that you make your presence known. Predatory animals aren’t interested in you, and will most likely disappear before you realize they were there. But, should an animal be spooked or surprised by your presence, they may attack. So, better to let them know where you are than risk confrontation.

Hiking gear for night hikes in Colorado

Get outdoors and away from the crowds on New Year’s Eve. Finish off the New Year with some peace and quiet and nature. Stop by Outdoors Geek to rent name brand hiking gear for night hiking in Colorado.