breast cancer awareness ColoradoColorado Stats: 1 in 7 women will be diagnosed with some form of breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in women. And the leading cause of cancer death in women in Colorado. According to Komen Colorado, 1 in 7 women in Colorado will be diagnosed with a form of breast cancer. But with heightened awareness and early detection, chances of surviving this cancer are better than ever! Although many people are aware of Breast Cancer, they are still not taking the necessary steps to avoid risk and detect the earliest stages of the disease.


Go Pink This October and Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

With pink being the campaign signature color everything is turning pink in October, everything from the NFL to your local police force – Pink t- Shirts, Pink Appliances, and Pink Hair! It’s time to go pink yourself and organize or join a Breast Cancer Awareness event in your state! If you’re not sure how to participate, check out the Susan G. Komen foundation home site for ideas on how you can take part. Look for a race near you or learn how to plan your own.  You can walk, run, or bike. And, in some states you can even Hike for the cure!

Backpacks and trekking gearThis year, in Mt. Tamalpais, CA, they are celebrating their 20th anniversary of The Peak Hike for Prevention in Marin County, CA.  This fall, you can “Take a Hike” with some serious purpose! Join an event near you and be a part of something bigger.  Gather a group and choose your favorite trail. There are many ways you can get involved. Can’t find a hike near you? Consider raising support individually and then connect your hiking gang with The Susan G. Komen foundation to donate to the many ways they work for the cure!

Boulder Lake campingOutdoors Geek is proud to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

The Susan G. Komen Colorado Foundation’s goal is to ensure every woman knows her risks and regularly gets screened. We know that together, we can never stop working to expose and eliminate causes of breast cancer and searching for the cure! So, find a hike, run, bike or walk and show your support this October. Call Outdoors Geek and let us outfit you for everything you will need to show your support!