World Hike A Mountain DayLooking for another reason to take a hike?
This October there is a great one!

One Angel Foundation, a non profit foundation dedicated to supporting educational opportunities for impoverished children around the world, is asking us all to take a hike! The One Angel foundation has organized the 5th annual World Hike a Mountain Day to raise funding for their endeavors around the world to see children reach their true potential.

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One Angel FoundationAbout the One Angel Foundation

One Angel Foundation exists to aid communities in providing crucial educational initiatives in both the classroom and around the community. They work to see communities thriving with programs that enrich children and families. Their goal is to support specific non-profit partners, that are providing educational programs that benefit children beyond the classroom in areas such as finance, leadership, and job training.

The One Angel Foundation was founded in honor of Jenna Agule, who loved children, and especially loved seeing them given educational opportunities that make a difference! From a young age she observed that not every child was afforded the same opportunities and as a young woman she participated in service trips to Honduras and Cape Town South Africa. She took some time before her senior year of college to think and reset. Jenna knew her life’s passion was to see these children given better opportunities and planned to continue to travel and serve in places she could make an impact after graduation.  Her love for the outdoors led her to Colorado where she enjoyed hiking, and skiing and she planned to spend fall and winter there relishing in her beloved outdoors.  Tragically her life was ended much too soon in a skiing accident. She was a young woman with a short time with us, but she left a long term impact on not only those who loved her, but on children around the world who will be affected by the community programs afforded to them by One Angel Foundation.

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Take Time To Go Hiking

The home mountain for One Angel Foundation is Mt. Wachusett in Princeton, MA. But hikers worldwide are encouraged to find their favorite peak and hit the trail! Both experienced and amateur hikers both are invited to take to the trail. No matter where you find yourself take advantage of this day to enjoy nature, get outdoors and belong to something outside of yourself! If feels great to see the world beyond our front door. Join us on World Hike a Mountain Day!

Join the growing number who will be hiking October 17th! Form a group, and find out how you can help One Angel! Visit their website for more information on how you can raise funds for One Angel too!