leave no trace

The Center for Outdoor Ethics has developed a policy for teaching outdoor enthusiasts and amateurs alike how to take are of our environment. The Leave No Trace campaign if thinking of the generations behind us being able to enjoy the natural beauty in the same pristine state this generation found it in.  Our natural treasures have no other steward but us! It we don’t take the job of protecting our wildlife and natural landscapes seriously, no one else will. One of the most important steps in the 7 Leave No Trace Principles is step #1, Plan Ahead. If you take time to know before you go, you will avoid many of the common mishaps among outdoor lovers – packing too much and leaving the extra behind.

hikingStep 1. Plan Ahead and Prepare: Know Before you Go! 

Start by asking yourself these questions and then prepare accordingly. Consider your destination, weather and length of your stay. What is the goal of your trip? Hiking, viewing wildlife, canoeing or kayaking? Then ask, do the contents of your pack ensure safety, pursue the goal of your trip, provide for your basic needs, food, heating, and sleeping?

Plan one pot meals that limit waste. Repackage food when possible to minimize trash. Consider frozen one pot meals stored ziplocks, rather than beans in cans that require waste disposal. Not only can zip top plastic bags be washed and re used, they store flat for packing out what you packed in. Be Prepared with a menu, correct clothing, sleeping bags/pads, and appropriate tent for the season! Make your lists and check them twice.


purple circle leave no traceOutdoors Geek is proud to support Leave No Trace principles for Land Stewardship!

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