Mt Princeton campingWhen the temperatures begin to drop, you may be ready for a brisk hike through your favorite wooded trails. But, is your body ready for it? In warmer summer months the average camper needs about 2000 calories a day for the energy they will need to hike, fish or  to enjoy any other form of outdoor activities. But, during the Fall and Winter months, that number jumps to between 5,000-6,000 calories – depending on how cold the weather is and how long you plan to camp. Why? Simply because your body is burning up calories just to stay warm.  Here is a great overview of Fall campsite cooking with geek Tip #3 in our Fall Camping Series.

Tip 3: Create a Cool Weather Menu! 

campfires1. Keep in mind that cooler temperatures mean food will take longer to cook. So your morning coffee will take a little longer to brew. This means you will need extra fuel for cooking. If you plan to use open fire you will need to adjust for this in your fire wood stock pile, or else have extra fuel on hand for gas cooking.

2. Choose meals in which the majority of the ingredients can be prepared ahead of time as well as meals that can be cooked quickly.  Hearty Stews with meat and potatoes are great ways to eat at a Fall Campsite! The Stew will be warm going down but your body will take its time digesting so you’ll keep warm for longer than just the time it takes you to eat the bowls of stew!

sawyer filter3. Don’t Forget the Water! Plan to drink water regularly throughout the day. In cooler temperatures its easy to forget because you don’t feel thirsty as often. Dehydration is common in cooler temp camp trips so don’t forget to pack your filtration system for using a local water source, or else plenty of water for the length of your stay!

Pro Tip: Ultimately – Be prepared to let go of your fall camping dreams if temps drop too cold. You may experience an unexpected weather turn and you simply need to take refuge in a warm restaurant and have a nice steak and potatoes meal! Have cash on hand and plan B in place.

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Camp Out!